Meeting Minutes

01-18-2020 Winter Annual Board Meeting Minutes

10-8-2019 Fall Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

7-9-2019 Summer Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

3-21-19 Spring Quarterly Board Meeting Minutes

01-12-2019 annual meeting and winter quarterly meeting

10-11-2018 fall quarterly meeting

07-14-2018 Summer Quarterly Meeting

03-15-2018 Spring Quarterly Meeting

01-13-2018 Annual Meeting and Winter Quarterly Meeting

10-12-2017 CHGA Board Meeting Draft Minutes

07-12-2017 CHGA Board Meeting

04-26-2017 CHGA Board Meeting

02-16-2017 CHGA Board Meeting

11-10-2016 CHGA Board Meeting

7-21-2016 CHGA Board Meeting

3-8-2016 CHGA Inaugural Meeting